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CUT's Gath Hosts Science Students for Earth Day Tree Planting

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The Saint Mary's Science classes led by teacher Molly Andrejko spent Sunday, April 30 planting trees at Wrights Gulf Tree Farm to commemorate Earth Day / Arbor Day. A group of twenty teachers, students, parents were present as  one hundred Frazier Firs (Abies fraseri) were planted in a double row which will serve as a wind break on the high altitude location on The Tree Farm which is owned and operated by local Science teacher Tom Gath. The trees were provided for the event by The Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District through a program called "Spruce Up America".  Spruce Up America was started by the SWCD in 1946 to promote conservation and wise use of our county's natural resources. Through the program students and teachers partner with a community group to provide windbreaks and wildlife habitat through planting trees.

For the event Ms. Andrejko and her students partnered with the community group "Cortland Area Science Teachers" (CAST).  CAST was represented by members and graduates of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Ted Andrejko and Tom Gath. The 100 trees were planted in a 300 foot double row with a 6 foot by six foot spacing. Planting lines were laid out by land surveyor Mike Reagan of Reagan Land Surveying.

More information about the Spruce Up America can be obtained by contacting Amanda Barber, District Manager of The Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District, 100 Grange Place, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5991.

-article by Tom Gath     -photos by Connie Gath

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